Wednesday, May 21, 2008

More than a feeling

Another local duo, Ennuie, picked up the torch from We Fled Cairo. At previous shows I've had a bit of trouble summing them up. This show was even more chaotic than usual, with a between-songs pop culture quiz sidetracking things, but strangely enough I found the music more cohesive than last time. Maybe that's because they only had time to work their way through a few songs. Scraping and chunking indie guitar with weird effects from Luca, while Ivana yelps and speak-sings. They're a bit like the Magik Markers.

A tune is broadcast through Luca's pickups.

Ivana cycles in place, keyboards and sings.

Ivana speaks and spells.

Quiz time. Luca gave up after the first couple of questions. He still one because Ivana kept blurting out the answers instead of using the supplied chalkboard.

Ennuie action!

I really liked this performance quite a bit, even if it was a bit higgledy-piggedly.

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