Sunday, May 25, 2008

Keep one eye open

We return again to the residence of Calum Marsh, a few days ago, May 17 to be precise, and Ennuie has just concluded their set. It's The Winks' turn to take the stage - or, as it is more colloquially known, the living room floor. The Winks have six members, but for this occasion they had stripped down to a trio of Todd, Sean and Tyr.

Todd MacDonald rocks the mandolin.

Josh Zubot (not Sean, as I had originally) on drums and some unidentified circular metal thing that could be the lid of a pot.

Tyr on cello, singing and fancy dressing. Note the pedal board (and big green feather). She also does some tap dancing, for which she retreated to the entrance hall (just off to the right) since the hard floor there was more suitable. She also sang Simon & Garfunkel's Feelin' Groovy.

Hair-shaking action!

And sans flash.

Singalong action!

Sarah Jane of the Secret Mommy Quintet (and The Doers) helps out on keys. Did I have the flash a mite high for this photo? Err, possibly.

They've just wrapped up their tour with Secret Mommy. I'm keen to see them with their full roster.

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Tyr said...

on drums it was Josh Zubot. We change drummers so often it's hard to keep up I know ;)