Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The new Thursday

A rainy Monday sounds like a good day to spend indoors, so I did: Specifically indoor at Zaphod's watching a quartet of bands.

First on stage was the cleverly but regrettably named TBA. Some heavy sounds with a slight singer/songwriter infusion and a bit of hand-drumming.

Rebekah Higgs was the sole out-of-towner, and she sounded really sharp; it was quite impressive watching her meld the electronic bits into her folk-rock stuff.

Then came Shannon Rose and The Thorns. I've seen most of the Thorns before: Bassist Ashley Newall guest-singing with elbeejay, drummer Tim Watson with Sarah Hallman at Irene's and guitarist Steve Matelywicz backing Damo Suzuki at the Avant-Garde. Newall thanked folks for coming out on a Monday, prompting someone in the audience to dub it "the new Thursday."

I saw F's Jim McDowell playing with Fourth at Irene's back in April (that's him at right in the snap below) . He invited me to an earlier gig at the Bytown Tavern which I missed, but second time's the charm (or something like that). F is a funk-rock combo with a songs about papercuts and bad bologna.

That was a very solid evening of entertainment. Good thing I remembered to bring my umbrella though.


Anonymous said...

great pics!
Shannon Rose was great that night!F rocked too!

too bad more people dont come out on Monday nights...maybe that will change

Steve Matylewicz said...

Hey Andrew,

Thanks for the pics! Do you have any more from the show? I'd love to see them. email me at stevematylewicz@gmail.com