Thursday, November 15, 2007

All this and rabbits, too

Rebekah Higgs played a very sharp set. I certainly enjoyed it more, and not just because Jon Epworth and Bloodlines weren't around to put everyone else in the shade. I'm not sure if it's working in a trio with occasional Epworth sidemen Sean McGillvray and Jason Vautour (who were alongside last time) or plenty of roadwork that's made the difference, but less was more.

Sean started off on bass, but after a couple of tunes switched to drums.

His replacement, Jason.

He also played some slide guitar, and later activated the pickups using a cellphone.

Sean on the skins. Higgs said he "fortunately happened to be in Ottawa," I'm wondering if he was here with Jenn Grant, who played at the Capital Music Hall the night before.

Singalong action!

Higgs had a couple of papier-mache (or something like it) rabbits, Bernard and Stacey. "They've kind of been hogging the attention," she noted.

Bernard or Stacey.

And so on!

Hopefully she'll return soon with her cuddly hand-crafted merch.

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