Sunday, November 04, 2007

Moose and Elk(as)

Once more into the clubs. dear friends. I think the promotion for the Peter Elkas and Bullmoose show at Mavericks was a trifle underpromoted (I didn't see any mention at any of the regular locations, or much in the way of postering) but the attendance was decent: About four dozen people by my count, and an enthusiastic four-dozen at that. Bullmoose kicked things off with their heavy blues rock - and do they kick!

Elkas thanked Bullmoose for "kicking ass" but said that by comparison he and his band (in essence Burt Neilson's) would be "kicking heart."

His soulful show was more restrained than Bullmoose's, as promised, but did feature lots of "Yeahs" and many a "Wooooo!" Elkas will be back in the area soon as part of Joel Plaskett's band for its Barrymore's shows.
  • Show reminder: Brown Brigade (featuring ex-Sum 41 guitarist Dave "Brownsound" Baksh) and some other folks play Zaphod Beeblebrox; it's a good thing my evening is already spoken for or I'd feel bad about not getting a ticket to see The Weakerthans and Jenn Grant's sold-out show at Capital Music Hall.

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