Thursday, March 10, 2005

Get the horn

Montreal twisted popsmiths The Unicorns had a meteoric rise and fall. One minute they're no one, then they're being praised to the skies and interviewed by Pitchfork. Now they've apparently broken up. I liked their album a lot, but wasn't as wowed by their show, perhaps because they followed the Besnard Lakes's ear-drum obliterating set. Allegedly The Unicorns are now recasting themselves as rappers. Hmm ....

Anyway, here they are in all their pink-clad majesty. Alden Ginger at left, Nicholas Diamonds at right.

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Playing light fixtures is good. Saves Jaime Tambour wear and tear on the cowbell, anyway.

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The Unicorns set some record for least hairy-chested band to play Zaphod's. And that includes all-female bands.

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Their audience baiting was amusing, I'll give them that.

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