Saturday, October 21, 2006

See how they run

City of 100 Spires finished the night off. There was the usual running, jumping and not a lot of standing still. This was definitely the best sounding of the three sets by them that I've witnessed.

And they're off!

One of the dangers of jumping about, you might lose your cord. I didn't actually realize what was going on in the next two pictures until I had them set up in Blogger. I blame four days of training-related eyestrain.

Not that they stop for that kind of thing.

And they're off - again!

Jump around enough and you run the risk of losing your hat.

Well, it's something to jump over!

They wrap things off with a little excess feedback.

There must be some kind of municipal marathon going on, because not only did they play the following night at Mavericks, they'll be at Zaphod's tomorrow with Fucked Corpse and AIDS Wolf.

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