Saturday, October 14, 2006

For a song

Songbird Music threw another anniversary shindig at Babylon, and I missed a good half of it. It's a long bicycle ride from Antares Drive to MacLaren St., folks - particularly when you ride over a wee sliver of metal halfway down Colonel By. I was still regretting my flat when I walked into Babylon to see The Flaps. Or at least three-quarters of The Flaps. Bassist Martin Newman was elsewhere, so John Higney and Pat Lawlor were improvising.

John gets some Jag-time as Pat grabs the bass.

There was some instrument switching, but I was too slow to catch it.

Hmm, I may have left the lens open a little long on this one.

I missed the Golden Seals and Matt Ouimet, so that's all for the evening ... or is it?!?

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