Monday, October 02, 2006


Acoustic guitar was not what I expected when I walked into the new Capital Music Hall for the first time to see Islands. The guitarist in question, Stephen St. Pierre, acknowledged as much as he strummed his way through a very good set. The audience was most receptive, and clapped him out for the last few bars of his closing number.

I took some of these pictures at 400 ISO; the lighting guy at the Capital must have set them on "grill."

There was a Soft Disaster cover near the finish.

The act I had expected, Unireverse, then worked through their set. I was stuck to the left of the stage, so most of my pictures feature Alex Moskos. Makes up for getting a decent picture of him when he was here with Goa, I guess.

They had a visual element going on, with images projected on a screen off to the left, but as Alex noted the Capital is not really well designed for that sort of thing.

A horrible Brian Damage photo.

This is as much of Michael Caffery as you're going to get.

They finished their set with a quick game of Space Invaders.

Just kidding - it was their Moog adaptation of Black Sabbath's Electric Wizard. Another cool and well-received set.
  • Show reminder: It's one-man action as Mayor McCa and Rhume perform at the Clocktower Pub. Josh Gabriel and Once Past Silver perform at the Avant-Garde Bar.

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stephen said...

great shots, mr. carver.
this is the 2nd time I've played capital, each time the lights have caused me to sweat more than an ice cube in mozambique.