Sunday, July 16, 2006

Spanky and Our Gang

The Aslym Street Spankers were part way into their set when I arrived at the MBNA Stage Saturday afternoon. They had a slightly hokey edge that was fortunately dulled by violinist Sick's heartfelt tune about the suffering of his home town New Orleans.

Bassist P.B. Shane.

Primary joker went to washboard and chicken player Wammo, who also performed a "hick hop" number. He's a well-regarded spoken word artist in his hometown, so it was probably not much of a leap. I'll grant it was kind of funny seeing him use a rubber chicken as a beatbox.

"Play some Skynyrd, boys." At left, Scott Marcus.

The Spankers worked without a PA for their first few years, but as you can see from resonator player Nevada Newman's headpiece, that's no longer the case.

Washboard action!

Their last number was so energetic that Sick's 200-year-old fiddle lost a few tiny bits. He searched for them quite anxiously in the grass in front of the stage, along with a few volunteers from the audience.

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