Tuesday, May 23, 2006


I'm glad I got this Victoria Day Monday off; it meant I didn't have to miss any of the action at Babylon for The Islands show. The bad news is that L.A. rapper Busdriver didn't make it. Instead The Soiree jumped on the bill, and performed in their usual able fashion in the opening slot.

Next up, The Dymaxions, a lively and most entertaining band. This was their first show outside Montreal, and I'm eager to see them again.

Finally, The Islands, the new outfit put together by Nick Diamonds - pictured below - and J'Aime Tambour of The Unicorns.

A very fine show for a packed house.


Anonymous said...

[i]One[/i] picture??
Surely you have some others you could share? This was such a fun show!

A.C. said...

Yes, there will be more pictures!

A.C. said...

Probably 30 or so, posted Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I try to pace things around here.

Anonymous said...

I never thanked you for the extra pics. Thanks!