Saturday, April 26, 2008

That's just Reatarded

Jay Reatard shows apparently have a reputation for swiftly devolving into chaos; Ottawa's show got pretty wild, with the audience moshing and surfing with abandon to the smash hits from his latest, Blood Visions, but there wasn't much excitement during the show itself, unless you count bassist Stephen Pope having to run off to grab a replacement bass head mid-show. Reatard took a few liberties with the setlist (pictured here) while he was off trying to hunt up Tom Kitsos from CPC Gangbangs, first working through a metronomic riff, then declaring "Let's do one without him!" And so he did, for a handful of tunes. It was pretty brief and very energetic.

That Jay Reatard.


His Holiness, Stephen Pope.

His fogginess, Billy Hayes.

Reatarded action!

And one last crowd-surf before things come to a crashing halt.

Then they went to Toronto and all hell broke loose.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

never pay and always bum rush past the door money people at Jay Reatard shows. Once you're in, throw bricks and used needles at this dude.

this guy’s career will totally nosedive if clubs & promoters start associating him with "people will show up, not pay, rush past security, and throw heavy / pointy / contaminated things at the stage"

let’s make it happen people! we can do it!


let’s get some tshirts and buttons printed up.