Monday, April 07, 2008

The land is strong

Another week, another bunch of cool shows I will completely miss due to work. At least I get Monday off, so I may just troop over to Zaphod's free showcase to see Pysiedius, Paul Hinger, Clepto and The Art Burn Project before they all become international superstars, or at least start charging.
On Tuesday The New Pornographers make another pass through the capital. As I understand it, this is the Neko Case-equipped version. The opener is the mighty swell Land of Talk.

Land of Talk, Zaphod Beeblebrox, March 24, 2007

Wednesday, Time Again, Machine Gun Dolly, Gunsmoke and Zero Hours shoot 'em up at Mavericks.
On Thursday, Grand Theft Bus and The Soiree perform at Zaphod's. Over at Mavericks Hello Terror!, We, The Undersigned, Man With Target and Of the First Born Son play loud and fast.
Friday, there's more action at Zaphod's with The Sin Kickers, Twelve34 and Sedrick.

Rock Plaza Central, Irene's, September 16, 2006

Saturday The Bible All Stars, Sick Sick Sicks and The Rookers help out our four-legged friends with a benefit for the Humane Society. Jetplanes of Abraham, Rock Plaza Central, The Ghost Is Dancing and Interweb Sabotage bring their collective talents to Barrymore's. Blazer, Camp Best Friends and Dusty Walker perform at Zaphod's.

Danger City Rebels, The Aloha Room, May 11, 2005

Sunday seems awfully busy with The Slackers and Bomb The Music Industry at Babylon; The Danger City Rebels at the Rainbow; Hellbros, Trevor Thompson, The Bronze and Flesh Cadillac at Zaphod's; Paint It Black, Cold World, The Wishlist and Constant Struggle at Mavericks and Farewell To Freeway, Shotgun Rules, Lifestory:Monologue and Assemble Me rip it up Cafe Dekcuf ... seriously, is it a holiday on Monday?

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