Friday, April 25, 2008

The gang's all here

Montreal's produced more than its fair share of sleazy trash rock bands, so the emergence of CPC Gangbangs is no surprise (barring Tom Kitsos, who did time in stoner rock combo Grime): Les Sexareenos, Spaceshits, Daylight Lovers; their rap sheet is long and distinguished.

To start things off Roy Vucino donned a red jacket and leather vest - that's gonna get sweaty, I thought, and so it proved to be ...

Choyce and Ricardo (not Tom as I originally said).

Paul Spence, the man formerly known as Lyle Sheraton.

Front line action!

Hair-flinging action!

The ever popular beer bottle slide!

Spence sings one.

Look over there action!

Ricardo (still not Tom as I originally said) goes down. Members of the audience (90% of whom seem to be in bands) were starting to inch onto the stage ....

Fortunately they decided to give him back.

No bottle, so the PA system will have to do.

The end!

A real killer show that the audience went bananas for. And as I said earlier, I liked them more than headliner Jay Reatard.


mississippi grover said...

Paul Spence/Lyle Sheraton was also in the movie FUBAR, albeit with a mullet and moustache.

Anonymous said...

Tom isn't there... he was gone in spring 2007... the person on the bass I think is called Ricardo... as much as I hate to say this, Paul Spence's presence anywhere means that it has influences that don't agree with me... had the band not had him in it, I can't help but think I would like it better.

That's because these same people were in other bands and the ones without Mr. Spence appealed more to me...

I don't like saying that because I find him to be an impressive person with whom one can have intelligent and amusing conversations... that is a very rare quality as far as I'm concerned.

Despite this opinion, had I had been them I would have had him join as they did... as he was the last to join the original band. It was just after Fubar... now that I think of it, Tom joined just after Paul Spence...

That band is more or less over any way...

A.C. said...

Thanks for the note anonymous ... I gather that Danny, Roy and Ricardo have now formed Red Mass; I got their 12-inch and it's mighty swell.