Thursday, April 10, 2008

It's a steal

Zaphod's free showcase shows are occasionally victims of bizarre eclecticism - with availibility the only factor leading to band's sharing the stage. I have fairly diverse taste in music, as witness my last bit of music buying landing me the Scorpions' debut Lonesome Crow, Nadja's latest fuzzed out death-doom opus, an album of piano pop from a Comets on Fire member, Finnish folk by Islaja, a Wanda Jackson collection, another double-CD set from Australian glam-pop combo Skyhooks, Nick Cave's latest, a lost soul gem from Marie "Queenie" Lyons, Jackson C. Frank's classic Blues Ran the Game and some French prog. All part of the training for a bill featuring comedy, didjeridoo, punk, ska, lover's reggae, funk, electronica and country and western. Granted, not all in the same act. The punk and ska came with Clepto, a local quartet of ska punks who told the gathered audience they were playing a jammier set instead of their normal fast and furious numbers since their lead guitarist was off in Montreal. Bassist Freddie claimed that wasn't actually true ... I guess I'll have to see them again to discover the truth. They certainly didn't sound like the stuff on their Myspace.

Rhythm guitarist Alex.

Drummer Philip and the most ska set of traps ever.

Bassist Freddie.

Faceoff action!

Leaping action!

Mid-song microphone problem action!

And so on!

Their next show is at the Mercury Lounge on April 13.

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