Saturday, August 15, 2009


It's been a longstanding ambition of mine to make it over to Liquor Pig Fest. Many people I know attend every year and rave about the food and good times. Unfortunately on previous years I've had scheduling conflicts, usually involving Bluesfest. This year it landed a weekend earlier than usual - on American Independence Day, as it happens - so I showed up to eat, listen and take a few photos.

First, the food; I only took two pictures (I posted the other the night of the show) and probably should have taken more but I was hungry and also didn't want to be trampled to death. Gaze upon the glory of many curries!

Food at Liquor Pig Fest

Folks set up their chairs on the drive between the homes of LPF hosts Richard and Dave (or is it the other way around?). The grub was in the garage on the right, the bands in the garage on the left.

Liquor Pig Fest

Ready for anything!

Gear at Liquor Pig Fest

Tim - also known as Lone Pig - opened things up (musically, at least).

Lone Pig at Liquor Pig Fest

You have to imagine a vast armada of children kicking a soccerball around the backyard off to the side.

Lone Pig at Liquor Pig Fest

On the other side, folks are filling up their plates.

Lone Pig at Liquor Pig Fest

For a while their the Lone Pig was not so lone.

Lone Pig at Liquor Pig Fest

And so on!

Lone Pig at Liquor Pig Fest

As with many other shows, there are even more photos at my Flickr ...
  • Show reminder: ElectroQuarterstaff, Tual Masok and An Acquired Taste for Tragedy perform at the Cabana Supper Club (the venue formerly known as the Bayou); Mule Skinner, The Dead Flowers and Fillet Sterling perform at Zaphod's. The Hammerheads get funky at The Rainbow. Endemise, Our Kingdom, Crash Paradigm, Divide and Corpse of the 7th Mazerka rock all ages at Mavericks. It's CD releasing time at the Elmdale House for Ninety Pounds of Ugly, who are joined by The Rizdales. I would be remiss if I failed to mention that Kiera and Johnny's reception party was tonight at Babylon - you may recall their stag and doe.

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