Saturday, August 29, 2009

Loud crowd

Thursday was Justin Gobeil's birthday - you may know him from his frequent soundman duties at Babylon, The Long Timers, Death March Volunteers or his duo with drummer-about-town Pat Johnson, Army of Saint Joan. Justin decided to celebrate the day with music and drinking, and since Pat is back from his travels with The Acorn and they have a tape ready to be mastered and released by the folks at Bruised Tongue, it was time for one of The Army of Saint Joan's rare shows. A couple of other folks were on the bill, including Alaskan and Did You Just Hex Me?, but I got there too late to see 'em.

As I walked through the door, AOSJ were preparing to eviscerate some eardrums. They had moved some sofas and a sheet so the space off to the left of the bar functioned as the stage.

Army of Saint Joan at Babylon
Army of Saint Joan, Babylon, August 27, 2009

Mountanaka finished the night off with some ultraheavy, Hydra Headbanging sounds. You've seen all these guys before in different outfits on National Capital Rock - guitarist Chuck Saso in Last Communion (he was also in The Grey), Bill Greene in Embassies of Denmark and Jay Rasia in Robot Kill City. They really rocked so I picked up their 7-inch.

Mountanaka at Babylon
Mountanaka, Babylon, August 27, 2009

It was a good night to have earplugs.

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