Sunday, August 30, 2009

Pop, not pop, pop

There seems to have been a lot of house shows in town lately; I finally got around to seeing one on a Saturday evening crowded with worthy gigs. I could have headed off to the Dom or Mavericks, but I wanted to see The Smith Westerns again and catch the debut of Allie Hanlon's new combo Peach Kelli Pop.

Peach Kelli Pop only played a half-dozen songs of lo-fi pop (there's a word that's going to see a lot of us in this writeup) but made a very positive impression, and not just because they brought cupcakes.

Peach Kelli Pop at Cozzie's
Cupcakes, 854 Bronson Ave., August 29, 2009

In addition to Allie, PKP features her White Wires-mate Ian Manhire on drums, her twin sister Emily and Davey Quesnelle of many other bands.

Peach Kelli Pop at Cozzie's
Peach Kelli Pop, 854 Bronson Ave., August 29, 2009

Up next were the Suppositories, who were also releasing their new 7-inch.

Suppositories at Cozzie's
The Suppositories, 854 Bronson Ave., August 29, 2009

Finally The Smith Westerns wowed the crowd with their beguiling boy-jangle. They brought their smoke machine, and near the end of the set Max kicked over the one remaining light - it was pretty dark and smokey in there.

Smith and Westerns at Cozzie's
Smith Westerns, 854 Bronson Ave., August 29, 2009

Always a good time in the basement!

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