Sunday, August 09, 2009

Bouncing back

Originally slated to be a Nobunny-white Wires gig, the show collected bands like a dustbunny collects under a bed (or at least my bed). Or to put it less analogically - there were two extra bands on the bill: The Handsome Sexies (who share some members with The Jinxes, more on that later) and Rock N Roll Adventure Kids, the band backing the 'Bun on this outing. I've never been to the Polish Combatants Hall - aka the Dom Polski SPK - but I understand from a few passing conversations that it was a semi-regular venue for punk rock shows a decade or two ago. I haven't heard of any recent shows there, so perhaps the folks in charge of renting it out have either forgotten or forgiven any past mayhem. Or perhaps the gods of rock deemed its bathrooms too clean and well-kept for it to be accepted as a music venue by mysterious forces beyond human ken. It's got a sizeable stage and high ceiling which made it less than perfect for photo-taking purposes, but gave the musicians lots of space for jumping and falling down.

Up first, The Handsome Sexies, a band so handsome and sexy they must wear masks to disguise their sexy handsomeness. They played some loud and fast snot rock fuelled by teenage hormones (probably imported by unscrupulous characters). They got off to a slightly rocky start, but by the time they got around to singing about chickens they were chugging along pretty well. Some - perhaps all- of these guys will be performing at the Montgomery Legion on Kent today.

The Handsome Sexies at Polish Combatants Hall
Handsome Sexies, Polish Combatants Hall, August 8, 2009

Rock N Roll Adventure Kids hail from Berkely, California, and play a sort of garage rock that doesn't stop to catch its breath - which makes them ideal to back Nobunny (or at least the two guys pictured below do, on drums and bass - the guitarist comes from elsewhere). They really ripped it up and sport a really thick sound.

Rock N Roll Adventure Kids at Polish Combatants Hall
Rock N Roll Adventure Kids, Polish Combatants Hall, August 8, 2009

The White Wires played a hot set of garage pop, I swear they get catchier every time I see them. Now they just have to get around to releasing that slew of new material they've promised.

The White Wires at Polish Combatants Hall
White Wires, Polish Combatants Hall, August 8, 2009

As for Nobunny, it was another insane performance. Not as much in the way of audience interaction as his show at Babylon. Though the audience did try to grab his Nobunniness, there was none of the stage-rushing of his previous run through town. Everyone had a great time anyway. The Rock N Roll Adventure Kids pushed the music to new levels of breakneck lunacy.

Nobunny at Polish Combatants Hall
Nobunny, Polish Combatants Hall, August 8, 2009

At this rate I expect the venue he plays next time around to be demolished.

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