Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Video surveillance

Anyhow, back to last Friday and Videotape. The trio formed from the ashes of local post-rock instrumentalists-with-occasional-vocals As The Poets Affirm, but are fuzzy pop with some off-kilter rhythms and occasional instro weirdness. At the time I thought their sonic aesthetic was a far sight more established than their songcraft, but I'm finding them more interesting the more I listen to their MySpace tunes. I'm definitely keen to hear more.

Adam Saikely ... somewhere Jonathan Richman is looking for his shirt.

Ryan Patterson rocks the Ric.

My photo of Nathan Gara is also my worst drummer photo ever! Yay! Okay, boo.

Two microphones for double the vocal fun.

More Ryan.

And more of all that!

It's never a bad idea to make faces at the photographer.

Their next show is up at The Black Sheep Inn with Mahogany Frog and My Dad Vs. Yours April 4. They also have a gig with Thundrah! and We Fled Cairo at a 443 Kent St. house show April 25. They also have an EP, My Favourite Thing, available for download.

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