Thursday, March 27, 2008

Immaculate technician

There's been a lot of Immaculate Machinery on the blog of late. The band has family in the vicinity so it's no surprise they'd pass through town twice. As mentioned before they sang in Mandarin and covered Final Fantasy. They also bantered a bit, telling the crowd about the dumb in-jokes bands come up with during the hermetic world of touring. This round's big thrill: Tourmate Ladyhawk's "mini-thumb's up." On to the photos. I took a few of Kathryn, many of which turned out, many of Brooke, almost none of which turned out and one of Luke which (fortunately) did. Onward!

Kathryn, and a shadowy Luke.

Brooke dressed up a bit for the occasion.

Luke took off his shirt this time - it's a mite warmer on the Zaphod's stage than End Hits' basement.

And now a bunch of lowlight stuff ...

Okay, i did use a little flash on this one.

The band is off the road for now, barring a gig in Vancouver in a couple of weeks, thus leaving them plenty of time to brush up on foreign tongues.

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