Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday

There shall be rock! At least twice! The Double Pumpers have a new record in the offing (which to everyone's shock and surprise is called not Three, but Old Gold). They're launching it with a two nights of riff-mania at The Dominion.

The Double Pumpers, Babylon, March 4, 2007

On the Friday they'll share the stage with Bionic and Mad Parish; on Saturday, C'mon and Starvin Hungry will be kicking out the jams.
If hard rock on a Friday isn't to your liking, Ladyhawk, Immaculate Machine and Videotape will be playing at Zaphod Beeblebrox (actually, since they're right next door you could conceivably hit both shows). Also on Friday, over at the Elmdale, the Empiricals and Flaps once again battle to the death.
The Pumpers aren't the only folks with CDs to peddle. Captain Foxy will be turning their debut loose at Irene's with Hollowtip Hearts, Leslie Dishslayer and Betty Rockets on Saturday. On the same night Owen, Casey Baker & the Buffalo Sinners and Paper Rival play at Zaphod's. Grimskunk, Drillpoint and Universal Habit rock Barrymore's. Those in a more instrumental mood may want to duck across the river and see Torngat and J'envoie at Le Petit Chicago.

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