Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Some things

Another week begins ... well, not really, but if you remember what you were doing yesterday you probably weren't doing it right (or are a working teetotaler like me). But tonight you can head over to Babylon and catch the return appearance of Xiu Xiu (whose latest album is creeping me out right now), Thao Nguyen and Fucked Corpse.

Xiu Xiu, Babylon June 25, 2007

Alternately, there's Aggressor and Karnax at the Bytown Tavern.
Wednesday, the always entertaining Two-Minute Miracles pass through Mavericks, along with Share and Gianna Lauren. Upstairs at Cafe DeKcuf there's The Heartland, One Strong, Set Fire To Wicker Park, Dead Winter and Case of Asthenia. Over at Zaphod's there's Finger of Knowledge, Symphony in the Stairwell and Agwanti.
On Thursday, Glenn Nuotio and The Habit perform at Cafe DeKcuf.

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