Thursday, March 13, 2008


So here we are, back in End Hits basement ... they've given it a lick of paint since I was last there to see Calvin Johnson and Captain Foxy - no longer does graffiti declare it the best venue in Ottawa for five or six years running. At least the hole in the ceiling is still there. Giant Hand was into the last handful of songs so I only snapped three or four photos, of which this fuzzy crowd scene is one.

And here's Kirk Ramsay winding things up.

After that Immaculate Machine was up. They turned a few knobs on the soundboard (stowed away in a closet to the side of the stage) and embarked on a first number with more guitar than they likely planned. After four months away from photography I found myself pretty rusty, so I spent a lot time adjusting settings. As for the band, they were much as I remember them from their Babylon set. They did have some new songs from Fables to perform and an abbreviated take of their Mandarin version of Dear Confessor.

Brooke and Luke sing!

Kathryn Calder and singalong action. The New Pornographers announced they're performing in Ottawa April 8 - I understand Neko Case is supposed to be with them this tour.

More Kathryn action! I just wish she was in better focus than the keyboard. Oh well.

This time Luke kept his shirt on. He also wished people farewell at the foot on the stairs.

The end!

I plan to see them again on March 21 with Ladyhawk.


Louise said...

How come you never post the dates to these upcoming shows?


A.C. said...

The "show reminder" stuff is for stuff going on the day I post. Darn, I thought it was obvious.

Louise said...

Ohhhhh, I never clued in. That's not enough NOTICE.

Maybe you could have a calendar, that would be sweet.

A.C. said...

I do occasional previews, but a calendar strikes me as being dangerously like work ...