Monday, April 10, 2006

On your mark!

Another Tuesday, another fine lineup at Babylon for Civic Duty. This was show No. 2 for Embassies of Denmark; still short, but longer than their last one. The DJs took over the stage and the bands set up on the floor for this show, so there's a lot of audience in these photos. There was a good turnout - I keep expecting about two dozen people will make the foray on a Tuesday; but as you'll see it's quite a good draw.

Eric Elgar is a two-headed rock beast! There was a clique of photography students at Babylon taking pictures of the show, so for a few pictures I turned off my own flash, set the shutter speed to five seconds; this is what showed up.

Bill Burke at work.

Pat - also of Sleeping Pilot and Army of Saint Joan.

Mike, like Pat a Sleeping Pilot.

Rock-and-audience action.

A split with Black Actors is in the works.

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