Monday, March 20, 2006

Deep purple

The Violet Archers are fronted by Tim Vesely of The Rheostatics, and feature a few Wayne Omahans, one Buttless Chap and an Elliot Brooder. The music is moody, slightly psychedelic pop with some synth beeps thrown in for good measure. I can definitely hear the influence of the Rheos and WO.

Some call him ... Tim?

Ida Nilsen, also of Great Aunt Ida; she' also serving in the Buttless Chaps, so more pictures of her will appear in short order.

Last time I saw Yawd Sylvester was at Shed Sessions; it was a nippy night in the Gatineau Hills, he was wearing a nightshirt and sleeping cap, there was a bat flying around the stage and he was playing a nose flute.

Aaron MacPherson, also of Wayne Omaha.

Last time I saw Steve Pitken, it was at Zaphod's and he was playing a suitcase.

With introductions out of the way, we can now turn to pop action ...

Ida joins in on backing vocals (also larger).

To get a good group shot with a 50mm macro lens you have to stand back a ways. This picture was taken from the top level of Barrymore's (larger here).

Their debut album is called This is the End of Part One.
  • Show reminder: Les Six play Zaphod's along with Eric St. Cyr, Interfear and Finger of Knowledge.

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