Monday, February 13, 2006

Sky pilots

Skytone have a punchy pop-new wave sound that could be put on the same stage as powerpop and modbeat groups like The Jam. Darius and Rodney Dandridge form the band's core. They perform everything on the group's new album (which has been trimmed and buffed since an early CDR version I received), apart from a bit of violin. When they started as Tremelo, both Dandridges played guitar and Terry O'Reilly played bass; since original drummer Nolan Rawlings left, O'Reilley's moved to the drummer's stool and Darius has shifted to bass (and handles most of the singing). I got to this show just in time to catch the last half-dozen songs of their second set.

Rodney swings the Tele.

Darius on bass.

I took this picture of O'Reilly through the lobby window.

And again with Darius singing.

Dual vocal action!

And all together. I broke in my new camera batteries with a lot of excessive shutter speed tomfoolery.

The little I saw sounded quite good - good audience too.

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