Tuesday, November 08, 2005

We have a match

Les Allumettes played a short set where they showed off a lineup change. Andy Cant of Slow Parker and New Autumn Line fame replaced Heather "Hell" Osborne on drums while she is in Missouri on some sorghum-related matter; Jordanna played guitar since Christina is busy crafting things. The lineup change has shifted the sound since Andy has considerable technique compared to Heather's Meg White-style and Jordanna plays more chords compared to Christina's clean single-note lines (unless my memory is deceiving me, which it often does).

Natasha on bass.

Jordanna sings (with a handy lyric cheat-sheet).

Andy really zones out when he drums.

I could have sworn I had a better picture of Nina.

Jordanna takes over on bass while Natasha shakes.

Lineup changes aside, it's still entertaining lo-fi pop a la Yo La Tengo and Tall Dwarves.
  • Show reminder: I can't think of anything tonight, so I'll just remind you all that the River City Tanlines of Memphis play tomorrow night at The Dominion.

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