Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The hustle is on

Get Hustle boats ex-members of Antioch Arrow; Maxamillion Avila, Valentine Falcon (a.k.a. Valentine Hussar) and Mac Mann make for an unorthodox trio, with Avila drumming, Falcon singing, and Mann providing the melody and bass lines with a stack of keyboards, an organ, a record player and some other stuff. It's strange, antique post-punk. Like The Starlite Desperation boiled down even further or ultra-primitive free jazz.

Here's Ms. Falcon, resplendent in turquoise and tattoos.

Mac Mann; this is a guy with his own sense of style, that's for sure.

Avila, a sneer and a snare.

Falcon gets down while Mann pummels the organ.

The maximum amount of Maxamillion and Falcon.

A fitting end to a night on the ragged edge of music.

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