Thursday, January 24, 2008

What's on

Friday the penultimate Rock'n'Roll Pizza Party at Babylon hosts Haligonian shoegazers Sleepless Nights, Flecton Bigsky - that's him below at an earlier Babylon show - and Psychic Hotline. Cafe DeKcuf has Never Perfect, Breaking Sundown, Sirens and Serenades, Arsonist and Bastard Maker.

On Friday Irene's gets rocked to its very foundation with a performance by Maximum RNR and Muffler Crunch, shown below raising hell at an earlier gig at that very same venue. Meanwhile, down in End Hits' basement you can catch A Common Misconception, Stoic Kid and Gen Lacroix. The Ethics bring their hazy pop to The Rainbow (after The Coggs' regular early slot) alongside Andrea Simms-Karp.

You can also see The Confessional at The Capital Tavern, which features musical accompaniment from accordionist Marie-Josee Houle for its Jan. 23-Feb. 2 run.

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