Monday, January 21, 2008

Hell freezes over

When I arrived at Zaphod's around 9 p.m. Cross the Floor were already well into their set and my kneecaps were frozen solid from the walk over to Zaphod's. Brrr. CTF's sound is close to alt metal, but stands above the also-runs thanks to some good backup singing and a versatile bunch of tunes. Good dynamics from an outfit who understands it's best not to turn everything to 11 all the time, and a solid performance all-round.
There was even more jumping and bumping around from the Hellbros bunch for this show. It was their usually thrashy stuff with some extra-throaty singing. they had a rubber leg in handcuffs which travelled from Stabatron's microphone stand to Killbot's arm ("This is going to hurt" he observed) and then all over the stage.
Hell Yeah Fuck Yeah made me think of Zeke and Peter Pan Speedrock: Motor-rock overdose with some almost pop-punk vocals (or at least no cookie-monsterisms). Two members were also wearing Dwarves shirts. The it was out into the freezing cold once again.
Show reminder: It's ladies' night at the Rainbow with Unexpect, Echoes of Eternity and The Agonist. The long-haired dudes of Atma fill out the bill.

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