Friday, January 18, 2008

Get busy

Lots of fun shows on tonight. I plan to head off to Irene's to see Krista LL Muir, Shane Watt, and the pancakinest duo in Bytown, Shanker + Romps. I suspect a fair number of folks will head over to Zaphod's to check out Young Galaxy (that's them below last year) and Hollerado.

If that isn't enough, there's punk rock galore at The New Bayou with The Rookers, Machine Gun Dolly, The Sewer Rats, Nummies, The Dead End Kids, Vanier Shank, Everything Less and Obscene Bastards. j'envoie celebrate the release of their new CD at Barrymore's with My Dad Vs. Yours and sinequanon. Nothing Sacred, Ladymilk, Street Light Light, Make Your Exit and Amos the Transparent play something called The Liquor Store Party Bar. and last but not least, Hayden and Basia Bulat (seen below at last year's Bluesfest are playing First Baptist Church.

Hayden and Bulat have a second show on Saturday, but I gather both dates are sold out. Well, there's always Pascale Picard, That's The Spirit and The Wooden Sky at Zaphod Beeblebrox and From Man In Ghost, Everlea, The Masquerade Parade and Seconds Too Late at Cafe Dekcuf.

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