Thursday, January 10, 2008

That eyrie feeling

It's a Thursday, and that means rock'n'roll and pizza at Babylon. The Mighty Eagle Band - depicted below at Zaphod's in May 2007 - will be shaking the joint to its very foundation in conjunction with The Holy Cobras.

They have another Babylon nightclub show lined up Feb. 9 with The Jesus Mullet (which I believe is the first time the two bands have shared the stage, strangely enough). Also on Thursday you can observe Doll at the Algonquin College watering hole The Observatory along with Toronto psychobillies The Creepshow.
On Friday you can sample punk rock aplenty over at Cafe DeKcuf with International Maniac Institute, Fleeba, Contrabandit, the hotly tipped Critical Convictions and Head Down. You can also catch Econoline Crush and A Plot Against Me at Zaphod Beeblebrox. EC have reformed and a new album will officially emerge in a few days. The Brothers Chaffey are playing at The Black Sheep Inn with John Allaire. Shawn Tavenier and Silver Creek release their new CD with Amos The Transparent and Tympanic at Barrymore's.

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