Saturday, January 12, 2008

About bloody time

Folks of the rock'n'rollin' persuasion will want to head over to the Elmdale House (on Wellington St. at Pinhey) to see Bloodshot Bill. That's him below sweating up a storm while opening for The Sights at the Dominion Tavern in June 2004. He has a new LP, All Messed Up out, and will be celebrating its release along with Full Blast, a split with the most banned band in the land, The Firejacks.

In other greasy news, Evil Farm Children are playing a late-notice show at Irene's. Ron Hawkins (formerly of Lowest Of The Low) and Mile Over Mecca play Zaphod's on the same day. On Sunday you can see The Queers, Riptides and The Creeps at Mavericks or go to Pub 101 - a venue on York St. I've walked by a bunch of times but never entered - and see Assembleme, Fire Heats Water, Killing for Friday.

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