Monday, January 28, 2008

Mystery date

It's a Monday, and a little bird tells me that my camera, or a reasonable facsimile, may be returned to be in the near future. Yay! I'm working late seven days straight, so it's not going to be doing me much good (though I do have faint hopes of catching the last fleeting moments of the Rock'n'Roll Pizza Party at Baylon this Thursday so I can see one or more of Gunsmoke, Sedatives and The White Wires). As for tonight, you can catch The Imports, The Sunshine Project and The Epilogue at the Bytown Tavern. Until then, here's yet more archival rubbish to tide you over. The Mystery Girls at Mavericks in August 2004.

As I said way back when, they didn't make a great impression sandwiched between BBQ and Weapons of Mass Seduction. Last I heard of them was a 7-inch in 2005. The only member I've been able to track down (granted, I didn't look too hard) is Matt, who performs occasionally in company with the incongruously fragile Montreal folkie Laura Borealis.


Anonymous said...

This was a wicked show. I bought thier CD and still listen to it all the time. That same night I saw Death From Above 1979. Fuck I miss Rock and Roll.

A.C. said...

It's definitely a great CD. The live show, not so much (at least for me).

Matt said...

The guy in the foreground (with blond hair) i married with Jena (the signer of the Sunday Sinners and he's playing guitar for them.

The guy in the background with the dark blue t-shirt is married with the Sunday Sinners drummer.