Friday, November 19, 2010

What big teeth you have

That was a killer show last night from Atlanta's The Biters, Montreal's The Bators and local combo Mother's Children - three hot servings of ace power-pop. I actually took a day off work so I could be guaranteed to make it to this show, and it was well worth it. I thought the turnout was a little lacklustre, but the few dozen people at Babylon certainly got their money's worth.

First up, The Bators, who like that 1977 pop-punk, a la The Boys. I like to think they're named after Dead Boy Stiv.

The Bators at Babylon
The Bators at Babylon, November 18, 2010

As for Mother's Children, you don't need me to tell you there nine-song set was all killer and no filler. They previewed a new tune and really upped the volume.

Mother's Children at Babylon
Mother's Children at Babylon, November 18, 2010

Now I figured The Biters were going to be very good, but I didn't know how very, very good they would indeed be. An awesome set, too short for everyone's liking, ending off with covers of Cheap Trick's He's A Whore (obviously a major influence) and Strutter by KISS.

The Biters at Babylon
The Biters at Babylon, November 18, 2010

The other good news that this was also an official Rock'N'Roll Pizza Party event, so the RRPP isn't quite dead yet ...

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