Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hail to the chef

Off to the Avant-Garde for an evening of heavy rock. Yes, I did miss Buried Inside (I didn't think about getting a ticket until way too late), but perhaps it was just as well since I'm feeling a bit knackered this evening. Anyway, it's been about four years since I was in the Avant-Garde (for a Damo Suzuki show, as it happens) and it is much the same. I am not really sold on the AGB as a venue for loud music, particularly of the kind that leads to the audience tossing itself about.

First up, Quebec metallurgists Cauchemar. They like their old school metal, as witnessed by their harmonica-boosted cover of Black Sabbath's The Wizard (can't get any older than that ...) and a francophone version of Candlemass's Under The Oak. As mentioned, singer Annick Giroux is also one of the founders of Morbid Tales and compiler of Hell Bent for Cooking: The Headbanger’s Kitchen.

Cauchemar at the Avant-Garde Bar
Cauchemar at the Avant-Garde Bar, November 13, 2010

They were followed by Muffler Crunch, a band I haven't seen enough of lately, who as always rocked the joint with their mighty testifying sludge. Only difference from most previous shows is things didn't end with much in the way of drum destruction.

Muffler Crunch at the Avant-Garde Bar
Muffler Crunch at the Avant-Garde Bar, November 13, 2010

Trioxin 245 finished things off with a mosh-pit friendly sound that filtered Motorhead through folks like GBH and Discharge (who rather like Motorhead anyway, so not much filtering there).Blog-readers will of course be familiar with Jo from Germ Attak (switching over to drums and out of most of his clothes for this occasion) and And from Critical Convictions.

Trioxin 245 at the Avant-Garde Bar
Trioxin 245 at the Avant-Garde Bar, November 13, 2010

A very solid evening of high volume entertainment.

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