Sunday, November 07, 2010

Get in the car

How long has it been since Slim Cessna and his Auto Club played for all the good people of Ottawa? Last time I caught them live was in July 2006, but it's a trick question: The only answer is too long. Since this was also a rare after-work show (only made possible by an early shift, abetted by the kind inclusion of my name on the guest list by the folks at Birdman Sound) I unfortunately missed opener The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol. On the plus side, I caught most of SCAC's set, which seemed a touch more psychedelic than the last time. There was still plenty of hootin's and hollerin', crowd surfing, pointing, onstage bromance betwen Slim and Jay (who poked me in the forehead), glass-breaking ... you know, the usual.

Slim Cessna's Auto Club at Babylon
Slim Cessna's Auto Club at Babylon, November 6, 2010

They're now off to Montreal for another knock-'em dead performance on Monday before they return for a few more dates in the States.
  • Show reminder: J.D. Cannon and Ashley Wright are at The Rainbow; Rob Lutes and Meredith Luce perform at the Elmdale House.


Anonymous said...

Andrew please post more pix from the scac show. Thx

A.C. said...

I shall in time, but see the post right above!