Saturday, November 06, 2010

Double shot

The Dominion crowd likes their rock, and they got what they liked last night with two knockout sets from C'mon and Tokyosexwhale. Both are loud, fuzzy, riff-lovin' trios with female bass players ... no surprise that C'mon frontman Ian Blurton produced TSW's latest album. This particular rockshow seemed to enjoy some backing from Jagermeister, with many jagerfrauleins handing out free crud and a big banner behind the drumkit. Last time I saw C'mon was also at the Dom, March 2008, opening for another band featuring TSW guitarist, The Double Pumpers. It was C'mon's turn to be releasing a CD this time.

Tokyosexwhale covered all the bases, playing their first tune The Whale, a couple of newies and stuff from inbetween at punishing volume. "I'm glad I brought my earplugs," said one concertgoer.

Tokyo Sex Whale at the Dominion Tavern
Tokyosexwhale at the Dominion Tavern, November 5, 2010

C'mon always pull a big, enthusiastic crowd when they play town, and tonight was no different. the Dom wasn't quite sold out when I got there, but it was soon enough. As for Blurton's first onstage act, he tore down Jagermeister's banner. Things got a little crazy when Whale bassist Julia Loan brought out a chocolate cake. There was some cake abuse, both by Blurton and for Blurton stand-in Blake (of Manpower), who squashed a bunch of it on his forehead.

C'mon at the Dominion Tavern
C'mon at the Dominion Tavern, November 5, 2010

A wicked doubleheader.

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