Friday, October 08, 2010

Lounge lizards

Last night's Rock'N'Roll Pizza Party was not without its bumps. There was strap breakage, amp malfunction, stomp-box sufferation and of course while the folks at MVP Lounge were awful swell to host it on with such short notice, the Bank St. sports bar is definitely an odd venue for Ottawa's top weekly RNR party. Add to that I was definitely feeling under the weather (I think a cold or flu impends). Fortunately the three bands made up for it with great sets.

First up was Mississippi Grover, who rocked out in his usual fine one-man wildman style.

Mississippi Grover at The MVP Lounge
Mississippi Grover at the MVP Lounge, October 7, 2010

The Middens also played a hot set, even though frontman Matt Wells suffered both strap breakage and malfunctioning fuzz chain.

The Middens at The MVP Lounge
The Middens at the MVP Lounge, October 7, 2010

The Shakey Aches also got off to a really good start. I'm going to assume things ended well too, but I was starting to feel a bit shakey and achey myself, so I left after the first handful of songs. At least this time Mean Mad Matthew's vocal reverb was working.

The Shakey Aches at The MVP Lounge
The Shakey Aches at the MVP Lounge, October 7, 2010

The Shakey Aches also had some recordings of B-Sides for their upcoming single to hand out (you can access it here), while The Middens have some sporty new shirts with a design by Merinuk.
  • Show reminder: Great Bloomers, Kalle Mattson and Andrea Simms-Karp are at Cafe Dekcuf; Aversions - who I remember playing a great set at Irene's a few years ago - and Wooka Tribe are at Bored to Death at Ritual. Krupke, Trevor James and The Perfect Gentlemen and Oceans are at Zaphod's; Wise, Young and King, Live How You live, The Damn Truth and New Teeth perform at the Rainbow; The Terry Gillespie Band and Lynne Hanson play Irene's; the Elmdale House hosts Earthquake Pills, Joe Bones and The Crowd Theory.

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