Saturday, April 17, 2010

A guy on a couch

There were a fair number of musical options available for the night of March 26, with the two that intrigued me most leaning toward the punky. In the end I went over to The Rainbow since I hadn't seen any of the bands on the bill, and because the headliners were Useles ID - I usually plump for the band that has travelled the greatest distance under the theory that my chances of seeing them again are lower. The opening act, by comparison, didn't have to travel far at all since it was Jason Ramone of The Nads. The Useless ID guys said they liked his set, but by the time I got my camera out of the bag he was done and off the stage. Thus, the first photos of the night were of acoustic punk Jon Creeden.

But first, a message from our sponsor, or at least the beneficiary of the night's musical endeavours.

Jon Creeden  at The Rainbow

And here's Jon ... unfortunately the spot he was set up in was a bit dark - the hat didn't help.

Jon Creeden  at The Rainbow

A better lit-Jon.

Jon Creeden  at The Rainbow

Distant action!

Jon Creeden  at The Rainbow

Closeup action!

Jon Creeden  at The Rainbow

Grimacing action1

Jon Creeden  at The Rainbow

And, er, that's it since he is after all just one guy. A pretty entertaining and rather self-deprecating performer too. His next show is tomorrow at Cafe Dekcuf.

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