Sunday, February 03, 2008

This wheel's on fire

My original plan this evening was to go over to Zaphod Beeblebrox to see Said Hell and Sister Suvi, then go to The Rainbow and see The Trudels make their debut alongside Gunsmoke and Reverb Syndicate, but I had such a busy day only about 50% of that plan came through ... and I was only about 50% awake for most of it. As expected, it was rowdy garage rock from Solid Senders Patrick Shanks (also of Shanker and Romps, The Glads, The Knurlings, et al.) , Mark McIntyre (Weapons of Mass Seduction, Four'n'Giv'r) and Eric Espig (Daydream Square), with drumming provided by Mike Sheridan (Golden Famile, Kepler, Centretown Wilderness Club). Just think of The Midways, but with more songs about having sex with your mom. Gunsmoke put on a fret-scorching performance, but by the time they brought the curtain down on their performance I was beginning to feel my eyelids beginning to drag, and I only stuck around for the first five or six tunes by The Reverb Syndicate. The Rainbow was pretty packed for this show, so the folks of the local roller derby league should be darn happy.

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