Friday, February 15, 2008

Here come the lies

Here comes the weekend! The long weekend if you get Family Day off. The midweek doldrums are soundly broken on Friday with a host of shows. Brendan Flynn and the Terrible Liars and Adam Puddington Band are performing at Babylon - a similar lineup graced the stage back in February 2007 when I snapped the pic of Brendan (and Matthew from Acres) below.

Of course there's lots of other stuff to see: Captain Foxy and Enemies and Allies play End Hits; Dry River Caravan and Marie-Josee Houle perform at the Avant Garde Bar; Zaphod's hosts much rock and rolling with Kid Sentiment and Four 'N' Giv'r.
On Saturday Nina Nastasia makes her return to Ottawa - that's her below playing the Birdman Stage at the 2003 Bluesfest. Male Nurse opens the show at Mavericks.

She's not the only thing happening at Mavericks - Cancer Bats, Boar and Inire will be performing there earlier in the day. Upstairs at Cafe DeKcuf you can catch HandHeld, Farler's Fury, The Valveenus, Snatchback and Beef Blood. Zaphod's features Two Hours Traffic, Trevor James & The Perfect Gentlemen and My Psycho Ex. Lastly, over at Club SAW you can thrill to the sounds of Pysiedius, We Were the Fires of Rome, There Were Thousands, Today I Caught the Plague and Addaboe - I guess the bands with long names balance out the ones with short 'uns. Speaking of Club SAW, back in July I saw a very nice show with The Rural Alberta Advantage. - captured below, of course. Yes, that is one-half of Woodhands in the middle. RAA are back in town on Sunday, this time at Zaphod's with Entire Cities and Kings Of Lowertown.

Down in End Hits' basement you can see The Sleep, Return to Strength and Dead Winter. In late-breaking news, The Coggs, Bear Claps and Tonk & The Honkys play the Mercury Lounge.

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