Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bit by bit

I took a few hours yesterday evening to check out a trio of new bands at the Zaphod's free showcase: The Increments, The Conservatory For The Regression Of Sound and ZingZing. Zing Zing is mostly one person, a female singer-songwriter who pitches her music somewhere between Julie Doiron and Blackavar. She had a drummer to accompany her who might have been a better complement if he'd used brushes instead of sticks. She finished things off with a "cheesy" - her description - love song that had something of a Jonathan Richman-esque flair to it.
The Conservatory for the Regression of Sound dressed up for the occasion in matching black outfits and ties. Five guys, three women. Two guitarists, a bassist, drummer, keyboardist, violinist, flautist and a guy who switches between acoustic guitar and keyboards. I don't think they're getting the best sound out of their full complement - their rhythm section could run away with the two guitarists and form a capable if occasionally schmaltzy rock band. The sound on their Facebook page is a bit more melancholy and spacious than their live output. As their sound gets together I hope the violinist, keyboardist and flautist get a little more room to operate.
The Increments finished things off. The trio includes Brahm Gawdan of The Red Arrows and sounds similar, with jangly 1970s post-mod pop guitar. Like The Conservatory they dressed up for the occasion, but in white shirts slack and ties. For the part of their set that I caught I thought they sounded a bit like The Wedding Present. I can see them on a bill with The Murder Plans.


Anonymous said...

Name corerction - Brahm Gawdan not Brian Gawdan

A.C. said...

Thanks, that's fixed ... don't know where I got "Brian" from.