Friday, February 08, 2008

Night time is the right time

A few months ago - April 2007, to be precise - I got my first look at The Allrights, Jon Kiely of Harshey's new band, at Cafe DeKcuf. They're heading back to the Cafe for their CD release shindig tonight. Even better, they're sharing a bill with Camp Radio. Yay! Well, yay for you, anyway - I'm working that night (is there an echo in here?).

But wait! There's more! Jane Vain and The Dark Matter and Sedrick perform at Zaphod Beeblebrox. Down at Irene's, Ben Wilson of The Polytones dons his That's the Spirit mantle along with guest Greggy B and The Flats. The Murder Plans are also a great way to kill time (sorry, couldn't resist) at The Elmdale Tavern, with Eastborough and Greg Jansen.
On Saturday, there's more CD releasing to be had with Jesus Mullet at Babylon. Similarly inclined rockers Mighty Eagle Band and Garaga round out the marquee. Over at the Elmdale Tavern, Evil Farm Children and Lefty McRighty will offer some unholy combination of twang and rock. You can also see The Reason, The Saint Alvia Cartel and Brights at Zaphod Beeblebrox. There's also a great big helping of assorted punkitude at Mac Hall (in the Bronson Centre) with Ion Dissonance, Rose Funeral, Salt The Wound, The Agonist, Deadwalk, Darkness Rites, Hello Terror, Greta Knights and Shortline Hero.

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