Friday, February 25, 2005

Sick, sick, sick

The Sick Fits are another group that has grabbed attention outside Ottawa with their noisy punk racket. They have releases on the Pelado and Big Neck labels. They're also sharp dressers. Sort of.
Lots of action at their shows, with at least one band member falling over. "That was a disgrace" said one person - okay, their bassist - after a particularly self-destructive show at the late Bumper's.
They call themselves "Canada's First and Only Rock'n'Roll Band" - dude, what about Tom Cochrane and Red Rider? Or The Wackers? Well, it proves they've also heard of Crime. What swell kids.

The whole crew: Kenny James! X-Ray X! Michael A. Hurts! Chase Manhattan! Rocky Nagashocky! At The Million Dollar Marxists CD release show.

It was X-Ray X's turn to fall over. As usual.

The band offers the following news for 2005: "????????????" And yes, that's an exact quote.

With a band this stylish, you just know you want an individual look-see ... so from the top, it's ...

Kenny James ... looks a bit like Keef done, 30 years ago! Wait. Make that 40 years ago.

Michael A. Hurts ... he's very tall and skinny.

Chase Manhattan ... named after a bank. That's very punk rock. Looking very natty in his J
ohnny Thunders-style bandanna, too.

X-Ray X. A bit tipsy. Known to molest disco balls. Likes an inappropriately zippered shirt.

Rocky Nagashocky. Drummer. Sits at the back. Thus the inferior photo. Sorry Rocky. Choice quote: "We don't know what we're doing." No worries, it was only temporary.

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