Sunday, March 21, 2010

Top and bottom

I was miffed about missing all of The Action's reunion shows due to work commitments, so when I heard that Porcelain Forehead, another Ottawa legend, were getting back together I booked the night off right quick. This Dominion Tavern show (first for me in a long while, by the way) wasn't the band's first reunion show. They made a surprise appearance at a house show on Flora St. back in January. The sound was excellent and they did a great job of jumping around through their back catalogue, as well as U.S. Home Murders by pre-PF combo Tainted Meat (Tainted Meat bassist Gregory "Vigilance Deliberte" Foissy III said a few words before things got underway, as did John Westhaver of Birdman Sound). They had a bunch of folks moshing by the end of the show.

First up were The Suppositories - they get to play all the good reunions. The band was introduced by Dave Aardvark, who also reminds you all of today's record show at St. Anthony Hall on Preston. St.

Dave Aardvark at The Dominion Tavern
Dave Aardvark at The Dominion Tavern, March 20, 2010

The Suppositories sounded really good (some fussiness from Mark's guitar notwithstanding).

Suppositories at The Dominion Tavern
The Suppositories at The Dominion Tavern, March 20, 2010

Porcelain Forehead, this time around the lineup included their first drummer Ian Seabrook (off behind singer Mike Hillis with a very impressive all-black kit) and bassist Janine Frenken from Unwarranted Trust, to the left of guitarist Chris McLellan. They also covered SOA's Public Defender and Articles of Faith's Bad Attitude.

Porcelain Forehead at The Dominion Tavern
Porcelain Forehead at The Dominion Tavern, March 20, 2010

They'd better learn Rideau Hall by their next show, though. Speaking of The Action, I also chatted briefly with Ted Axe, who says they'll be playing The Dominion again June 5, while his other band Sister Hyde will be at The Elmdale Tavern June 12.

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