Sunday, October 16, 2005

Famile reunion

Always good to see the folks from the Golden Famile again - the first band I photographed, when they opened for The Asteroid No. 4. They released their third album at a show in June and then took a breather for a few months, at least as far as public performance goes. They sounded really sharp at this gig.

The whole Famile.

Darrell Angus gives a yell as Ryan Hough saws and Caseau Comeau tickles the ivories.

The Avant-Garde Bar's "stage" is not ideally suited to sextets, so Richard was stuck off on the left.

I bounced the flash for this picture of Nate Hurlow. It didn't work.

Mike Sheridan in motion.

All their hard work (plus a reference to Russia in the closing number) got them shirts and shots from the AGB staff. The Famile play at Barrymore's Nov. 18 - the CKCU show with The Black Keys, Nathaniel Mayer, and others.
  • Show reminder: The Bell Orchestre and Kepler perform at the Black Sheep Inn in Wakefield, Que. The Gris Gris and Expatriates perform at Babylon; as with most Mod Club night shows, expect an early start (EDIT: Just got back from a fine show by The Expatriates; apparently Gris Gris didn't make it over the border).


Anonymous said...

Apparently the Gris Gris show went well in Montreal. I wonder what happened. Oh well, I was in Wakefield.
Excellent show up there.

Anonymous said...

Nice Farfisa, Casey! (I miss that Farfisa sometimes)

A.C. said...

Hmm ... maybe they managed to sneak over the border. I hate to think they just blew us off - they played such a cool show in April at Babylon.