Friday, December 03, 2010

Comeback kids

I'm trying to remember where I was when Resin Scraper released Her Mentality back in way-back-when (a.k.a. 1996). Not at the Dominion, anyway, where Dead City Rebels made their noisy, rugby-player toppling debut. I can at least recall where I first saw Dirty Donny's artwork - at the bottom of the stairs at The Dominion on the way to the bathroom. Dirty Donny has of course gone onto intergalactic fame as the artist of twisted creeps, guitar freaks and motor fiends. I believe the first time I saw his art on a record sleeve for Man's Ruin. Coincidentally the label that completely failed to give the Dead City Rebels their big break when Frank Kozik's label expired, leaving the release of their Electromagnetic Feel stillborn. Since packing it in more-or-less officially several years back they've staged the occasional reunion ... the only one I'd caught to date was for a CKCU anniversary show. Whether I wasn't shooting back then or my camera was in the shop I can't say, but until now I hadn't managed to capture one of Ottawa's finest rock'n'roll bands in action.

But first, heeeeeere's Donny, airbrushing a Frankenstein's Monster stencil on my freshly purchased copy of Monster Revolt!

Dirty Donny at Babylon
Dirty Donny at Babylon, December 2, 2010

There was also punk rock karaoke, hosted by Remi Royale, which ws intermittently amusing. Here Sedative/Crusades/Year Zero Man Dave Williams takes a turn at the microphone.

Punk rock karaoke at Babylon
Punk rock karaoke at Babylon, December 2, 2010

And finally, The Dead City Rebels, rocking out with mighty power.

The Dead City Rebels At Babylon
The Dead City Rebels at Babylon, December 2, 2010

Members have of course been seen performing in The Golden Famile, Fortunate Sons, Four Frames/Mouthpiece, Death March Volunteers, Long Timers, The Glads, TokyoSexwhale and Loviatar (and possibly a few others), but whether well see them together again in one place is a big if.
  • Show reminder: Jeffree Star, Dev, It Boys! and Strayotic are at Mavericks; Trevor Alguire and Ninety Pounds of Ugly perform at the Elmdale Tavern; Matthew Hornell and The Diamond Minds, The Mnemonics, and Capital Grass and the No Men play Cafe DeKcuf; Jeremy Fisher, Greg Laswell and Miss Emily Brown roll into Zaphod's; Barrelhouse are at the Rainbow.

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