Saturday, November 21, 2009

A triple-edged sword

Eighteen days without going to a show is probably a record for me, at least in this millennium - but that's more or less how long it's been between going to see Priestess, Early Man and Trigger Effect last night and catching a free Zaphod's showcase near the start of the month. This was an ace triple bill of heavy metal music, in three distinct flavours.

I hadn't heard of or seen Trigger Effect before this show, apart from a few snippets of praise on the message board. They come from Montreal and are closer to punk rock than metal - lots of metal in their sound and some smart alec banter from singer Nick Babeau, who jumped into the crowd on their last song to raise havoc.

Trigger Effect at Mavericks
Trigger Effect, Mavericks, November 20, 2009

I was trying to remember when I got Early Man's debut, Closing In - turns out to be 2005, when it came out on Matador, of all labels. Back then they were a duo. Now they're a aquartet with a heavy debt to thrashy and wheedly metal bands. They really had the crowd moshing and put on an awesome display of guitar prowess - extra props to Pete Macy, who really knows how to shred.

Early Man at Mavericks
Early Man, Mavericks, November 20, 2009

The big news on the Priestess front - and the reason for this tour with Early Man and Trigger Effect - is that they finally have a new album out, Prior To The Fire. I've run out of things to say about Priestess; as usual they put on a great show. They also have some slide-projector generated light effects to jazz up their set, not that they really need it. I'm predicting everyone will be wearing sunglasses by the end of the tour, because it's set up so it shines right in their faces.

Priestess at Mavericks
Priestess, Mavericks, November 20, 2009

Their cross-Canada tour is now heading south to Toronto and Hamilton before heading north and west.
  • Show reminder: Quest for Fire (featuring former Deadly Snakes) and Sports play Zaphod's and make me regret I don't have the day off. The Hammerheads are at The Rainbow; Holly McNarland and Fused perform at Mavericks; Irene's hosts Far Away Star; The Big Bend - last seen on this site opening for The Scenics - Brendan Flynn and the Terrible Liars and Devin Johnstone play The Elmdale House.

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